‘…your lying eyes’

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The Feast of What is Becoming
(c) June 2014

Excerpt taken from a talk at Wild Goose Festival 2014.

A Question of Intersectionality
(c) June 2014

Excerpt taken from a talk at Wild Goose Festival 2014.


World Food Day 2013
(c) October 2013

In a neighborhood museum, I led an art project with kids about highlighting food insecurity and the need for local sustainable food options.


Darkwood Brew
(c) February 2014, March 2012, September 2011

I’ve been a guest a few times on Darkwood Brew, an online talkshow at the intersection of christian faith, pop culture, social media and good music. It’s a great touchstone for folks whose faith is evolving into you don’t know what yet, but you are looking to know you are not alone.


What We Rehearse Is Who We Are
(c) August 2009

This is a satirical parable composed for the annual first major religious event of the school year at Pine Forge Academy. The event is call “Singsperation.” The term “singsperation” has cultural significance among black Seventh-day Adventists; it simply means inspirational concert. I told the story to suggest to my students that what we rehearse matters and to encourage them to create art that reminds them of what matters.

The one thing I neglected to do was make the explicit connection between the student in my dream (who tried to substitute songs for substance on his quiz) and those of us who spend very little time rehearsing the way of Jesus, but we love our music about the person of Jesus.