Save the Date!

Posted by Melvin Bray on March 19th, 2010 filed in Useful Perhaps

Thanks to Rachel Maddow for this clear and honest articulation of the good (however limited) that will come from the Healthcare Deficit Reduction Bill (that’s what it is, not really “healthcare reform”) and when those without might expect to reap the benefits…

My guess is the reason opponents have argued so vehemently against the passing of this bill is not because it will make sweeping changes to how insurance or healthcare functions in America, but because in the end they want healthcare advocates panting and sweating from the fight to feel like we’ve actually accomplished something–when in actuality little ground has been gained. Still, little progress is better than none.

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  1. need4trth Says:

    It is as you’ve said. A little is better than nothing at all. Progress in our imperfect union is miraculous. It is interesting as well alarming the way the ‘notsoright’ behaved around this. Our president is an amazingly patient and tolerant human being. He seems to hover above the insanity and fear of the opposition. I hate to use the ‘r’ word, yet unfortunately it appears all the insanity from the ‘notsoright’ is rooted in the word racism. It’s really unfortunate. My prayers are with our leadership and our president and his family.

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