interview with brian mclaren: THE SAGA continues

Posted by Melvin Bray on March 13th, 2010 filed in Useful Perhaps

Well, I finally discovered at least one reason Christianity Today wasn’t interested in my interview of Brian.  They were preparing to slam the book!  At least it seemed that’s what they were hoping for.  The reviewer they chose was Scot McKnight, who is himself a friend of Brian, which may in itself make-up for any lack of enthusiasm McKnight may have felt in publicly critiquing Brian’s theology.

About the same time a friend, Amy Moffit, asked if I’d be interested in publishing more of Brian’s interview.  I tried my best to contain my excitement.  I subtly screamed YES!!!!!!!!!! across the internet. I don’t think it came off as over anxious.  I framed the interview this time as a partial response to the issues raised by McKnight.

Again it was at just under 4,000 words, so the exchange is broken up into 4 parts–A, B, C & D.

You can find Brian’s response to Scot and other critics here and here.

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