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Thanks for dropping by. Life is a work in progress—like an evolving, hopefully generative work of art. This is where you can get access to the multiple facets of my art.

  • To your right, you can find quick links to my blogs. I do have more than one, not because I am prolific by any means. It’s just a convenient way to organize my writing, separating story from essay from random musing from thematic project.
  • Above is a tab to connect you to the multiple media in which I seek to create.
  • I love being in conversation with people, so please contact me if you are interested in having me come your way. You can find out more about my fields of experience by clicking the “Engagements” tab.
  • The “Interests” tab takes you to a set of links of good my family and I seek to live mindful of.
  • I’m looking forward to the day I can put a “Books” tab up at the top. I’ve been invited to contribute to an upcoming compilation from the Emersion Books, so my “hope may turn to sight” sooner rather than later. Be on the lookout!

Beyond that, do what you do. But don’t just check things out. Be in dialogue.

Much love,

Does anyone know how to embed into an individual blog post the code/widget that allows one to see the RSS feeds that appear in the sidebar of my wordpress blog? I want visitors to be able to read the last post from my various blogs ON the front page of this site.
***Update–I think I’ve figured it out. I just have to buy the right to update my CSS (the most significant con in using WordPress as opposed to Blogger) before I can test it.

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  1. Gloria Poe Says:

    Hi Melvin,

    I live in Atlanta. Your material is fabulous! Where do you live? Where is your church?

    I am a member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church where I am chairman of Adult Christian Education.

    I will be in contact.

    Gloria R. Poe

  2. andre Says:

    Hey Melvin,
    I came across your comments onthe EV blog post on race. Would love to talk with you some more about this.

  3. Kevin Davis Says:


    Glad I found you – I just returned from a vacation to Atlanta – cool to read about what you and others are up to in the area. Consider yourself in my blogroll.

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