A Better World is Possible

Posted by Melvin Bray on May 27th, 2007 filed in Useful Perhaps

I have a new story online. It was written in support of the Faith House Manhattan project initiated by Samir Selmanovic. Faith House Manhattan is an experiment in God’s hopes and dreams that will create space for Christians, Jews and Muslims to seek God together for the good of the world.

The protagonist of my new parable, “Faithful Houses,” pens these words about such interfaith love and life:

People of faith change the world, and it is, I believe, for the good of the world that we discover the commonality inherent in our hopes, instead of living out of the disparity between them. If our religions remain sets of exclusive, immutable propositions, then of course they will exist in contradiction and conflict with one another. In such a climate, war seems inevitable. However…

I’ll let you read the whole story to hear the rest.

I am proud to be a friend of and co-conspirator with Samir. He is a visionary and has the heart of God for the city of New York. May God bless the efforts of everyone involved in Faith House. Please check out the Faith House website sometime and discover how you can lend support. It is well worth your imagination and resources.

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  1. Cindy Says:

    Melvin, I like your new story.
    And I really like the great photo of your family!!

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