Freedom Haven

Posted by Melvin Bray on February 17th, 2007 filed in Useful Perhaps

I published a new story on the Village Half-Wit blog, entitled “Freedom Haven”. It is a retelling of the very first story I ever told. It was originally told at the Triana SDA Church just outside Huntsville, Alabama, when I was a ministerial student at Oakwood College. The pastor, I remember fondly, was Michael Faison, a professional actor and all around wonderful personality who really nurtured the theatrical intuitions in me. As close to a theatre arts professor as we had at OC, he allowed me to help him with a few of his shows, and he had invited me to share with his small, Southern, salt-of-the-earth congregation. (Man, that’s 14 years ago–wow! I’ve got to find him. If I remember correctly he was from Bermuda. Great memories 🙂

I told it again most recently at Faith Community Church of God in Snellville, GA, over the MLK, Jr. weekend at the invitation of my friend, Pas. Pat Hannon. Very different congregation, but equally embracing. I am grateful to both congregations for the roll they’ve played in my journey.

I pray the tale will hold meaning for you.

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