Nutrition for the Soul… from an SDA Kitchen No Less

Posted by Melvin Bray on November 26th, 2006 filed in Useful Perhaps

Back in August I posted a rather sad review of the junk (self-interested, superficial, escapist, etc.) food served up from many pulpits week after week. Well, its easy to deconstruct what doesn't nourish, particularly if it no longer tastes like anything to you. The more difficult part is to begin to reconstruct something that's better. (I think the whole local, organic, sustainable foods movement serves as an instructive metaphor.)

A friend of mine, Ryan Bell, is (in my humble opinion) reconstructing a thing of beauty. I encourage you to check him out. His ministry is missional, it's contextual, it's prophetic. I'm really diggin' his fall series on Jesus' Journey to Jerusalem (beginning 3 Sept), taken from the New Testament gospel of Mark; it's real kingdom-come stuff. And should you visit his blog, pay attention to the types of things he's involved in.

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