Life Across the Tracks

Posted by Melvin Bray on November 18th, 2006 filed in Useful Perhaps

When I submitted audio to the Emergent Village podcast, which aired one of my stories a few weeks ago, I included 3 recordings: 1 story and 2 interviews (so hopefully there will be at least one more of these).

Troy Bronsink and I have been slowly birthing an idea for a radio show. Our hopes are to promote the reconciliation of at least 2 rifts: soul to folk and church to culture. We believe there is much to be celebrated on each other's side of the tracks (I live in West End; he lives in Capital View--literally on the opposite side of the tracks) and that to share life like this shows forth God's kingdom. Here is one fledgling attempt to step into God's dreams for the future. It's an interview with a fabulous folk duo, Ryan & Holly Sharp, out of San Francisco, collectively known as The Cobalt Season.

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