Posted by Melvin Bray on October 31st, 2006 filed in Useful Perhaps

Assuming that this blog’s readership continues to consist primarily of a handful of close friends, I venture to guess that only a few of you may not know of the challenges/transitions my family has faced over the past few months. Just to catch you up, starting mid-Sept, I broke my writing arm (which is why I have not posted), lost my ability to earn a living the way I had planned, had geared down from Kid Cultivators to go back to school, (with the broken arm) was unable to take the GRE this month in order to meet the Dec app deadline for school, am now trying to go back to teaching in the traditional classroom, our dog died 2 weeks after the accident, we moved (are mov-ing with the continued help of some great friends), and Leslie caught a bacterial infection in this the culminating phase of her pregnancy–with a sundry little set-backs and small triumphs (of friendship) in between.

In the mist of all the recent difficulties, God has seen fit to send some much appreciated approbation into our lives. I have been published on-line twice this month, and along with the birth of our son this Friday to come (3 Nov), that’s been extraordinarily encouraging.

Share in our excitement. You can find a free-verse poem I wrote about this adventure we call life here (thanks to Lydia at The Ooze). And you can find the audio for one of my Tales from the Vilage Half-Wit here (courtesy of David at Emergent Village); it’s about seeing beauty through God’s eyes (the written version is here). One of the things I appreciate most about publication (even self-publication) is the opportunity to be in conversation with such a range of people.

Who knows? Maybe there’s a book deal around the corner ;-). “Love hopes all things…” For the time being, it’s just good to be heard however it comes.

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  1. Misty Says:


    Congratulations on being published as well as the soon to be birth of your son. How exciting! I am now 12 weeks pregnant myself and am so thankful to God for allowing me to conceive at my old age!:0) I’m not quite Sarah, but…

    Blessings to you!

  2. Ryan Bell Says:

    Congrats on your son, Melvin! What a joy amidst your recent trials. I heard your podcast at Emergent Village and it, quite simply, rocked! I’m think you need to come to Hollywood and do some stuff with us. I don’t even know what I’m thinking, but surely we can come up with something, right?

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