Posted by Melvin Bray on August 12th, 2006 filed in Useful Perhaps

Today I attended a church service at a pretty prominent church. Sadly, it was for the most part a voyeristic exercise to begin with. I did not expect much. Still, my heart broke as I listened to the sermon. I would wither away of malnutrition and be of no good to anyone if I had to eat that each week. When did the 'gospel' become so empty and self-interested?

Do we really believe that trials come to take our "praise [(in this case, a verbal affirmation of God's goodness)] to another level?" Did the Human One set us free simply so we could sing and shout about how we've overcome? I mean no condescension. It just hurts me to hear and know how many people are trying their best to live in that, because that's what they've been taught God wants from us.

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