Greatest Fear as a Black Father

Posted by Melvin Bray on March 27th, 2012 filed in Useful Perhaps

I was asked last week what my greatest fear as a father of a black boy is in light of the Trayvon Martin murder.  My greatest fear for my children is the cautious regret I see on the many faces that can’t help but leave open the possibility there may be some justification for this tragedy.  Rest assured George Zimmerman and his supporters will exploit this immutable suspicion.

Now that they are beginning to, even knowing the uncontested facts of the incident, some of the most compassionate people I know will find it disqualifying that a black young man being stalked by a belligerent stranger, would turn to defend himself when accosted.  For them, the only conceivable defense Trayvon can have is to have taken his bullet as a lamb to the slaughter.  How is this possible?

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  1. bRaYtOwN » Of Course There Was Reasonable Doubt Says:

    […] Even if we recognize how much uncritical deference we are giving to George’s account of what is taking place prior to the confrontation that ended Trayvon’s life, we know Trayvon was “up to no good,” which thereby exonerates George of any ill will in profiling, mischaracterizing and stalking him.  We know it because at some point Trayvon fought back. How dare he?  That immediately disqualifies Trayvon as a credible witness to his own death. […]

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