There’s Nothin’ Like Good Music

Posted by Melvin Bray on February 23rd, 2008 filed in Useful Perhaps

I found this on a fellow vagabond’s website. It reminded me how much I love fun music, particularly indie artists. Enjoy!

Her name is Imogen Heap. I love it partly because when I am inspired myself, snapping, patting, clapping and verbal sound effects are all I can muster: I can’t play any instruments. It’s good to see that’s catching on :-P. In some tangential way it took me back to 1991, Shanice and I Love Your Smile–go figure! (I think that was the first song I consciously admitted to liking because it was fun–that was a big step for an insecure 18-year-old male.)

These next two I love just because AD is the truth…

Folks have forgotten how to throw parties like those.

This next one is a human voice band headed up by a friend of mine. It was shot live on a Paris subway. These brothas are nice…

What’s even more amazing is to know that these guys (Naturally 7) never use instruments (even in the studio) and every thing is done live–no loops, overdubs or sampling. So when you watch the slick music video remix of “Feel It”, it’s still all voice, just better sound equipment!

Most recently, I’ve been diggin’ my girl Angie Stone and my man Wyclef. So I’ll end this musical homage with a little sump’in for the season.

If you’ve got some good vibes to share, holla at ya boi!

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  1. JasonChin Says:

    Hey, man, great seeing you again Tuesday! I’ve got some of my poetry up on my blogspot thingy now, and I’d like to hear what you think about it…

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